Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homemade Vintage Cards

I'm tired of paying extortionate amounts for cards. The trouble is... I'm a huge fan of putting pen to paper and sending letters the old fashioned way. There is no better feeling then opening the post box and finding something inside be it from a long distant friend or member of the family.
There is nothing I love more than to snuggle into a warm blanket or even hot bath to read my letters. That's why I think they should be personal. Sure you can find really cute ones in shops but you end up shelling out a small fortune over time. I'm making my own from now on.

You can find loads of great graphics online to use. Like the ones I found above. These are from a blog called the graphic fairy. She has thousands to choose from. Then all you need to do is print them onto blank cards, easy. Its like shopping from your own living room.

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