Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beauty Tips

Im really getting into a beauty routine at the moment. 

The last year has been hard as Ive been looking after a baby and working and to be honest Ive been cheating looking after myself. Wearing my hair up to hide I've not straightened or conditioned, applying a second coat of foundation to cover yesterdays to save time, painting over chipped nails... Although I might look half decent, its all a cover up.

But now Evie is playing by herself and work in the winter is chilled, Im able to start looking after myself again. In the coming weeks I am going to be posting some things about homemade beauty treatments. That corresponds well with the homemade craft theme of this blog. I will be trying out face masks, hair masks and all things natural and good for your skin and hair :)

Lemon tea

I wouldn't really call this a tutorial as its not really much work but here we go.

Im a massive tea fan! My tea collection would rival Tetley and day! However, one thing I really love is lemon tea. Especially in the colder month. Im lucky here in France as the lemons are all ready for the picking right now. Hot water and slices of lemon. Job done. 

However, I also dry my own lemon zest so that I can add it to loose leaf infusions. 

Simply slice off the lemon skin with a sharp knife or peeler, being sure not to get to much of the bitter pith.

lay it out loosely onto some baking paper and leave somewhere like the airing cupboard until dry which should only be two to three days. 

then keep it in a jar and whenever you feel like a bit of extra zing in your tea, add it to the infusion 


The Owl in the bedroom

Thought I would post this as I thought it was rather different. 

We heard clattering in one of the empty bedrooms upstairs and when we went up to investigate... Look who we found!! 

We opened the window and she flew straight out, so graceful :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Winter Holiday

Hi everyone! Thought I would tell you a little bit about our winter holiday that we just got back from.

We are very lucky that my partner has an apartment in the mountain town of Megeve which is in France right next to the Mont Blanc mountain.

It was Evies first tim in the snow as last year she was to young to bring her up and its too warm this time of the year on the coast to expect any snow.

It wasn't really a holiday for a mini break and there wasn't much to do as Evie is still little and we didn't want her in the cold for long.

Anyway here are a few shots :)


Right then, my sincere apologies for not having written in a while. Ive been working and being a mum, moving into our new home and having everyone here for the festive season.

Finally its January and I can start to concentrate more on my blog and crafts. Not that I have not been crafting during my absence.

Here is a little picture of how fast Evie-Rose has grown

Be back soon with crafty posts :)