Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baked Camembert with Garlic and Rosemary

Winter is drawing in and that means its time to eat lots of cheese!

This little snack to share is so simple.

Pre heat the oven to 150. Cut the top of the rind on the wheel of cheese off and add some garlic, salt, rosemary and olive oil. Bake until all gooey and serve with toast or fresh baguette! Yummy!

I also like to use cranberry jelly :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The final crop!

So these are my babies! Finally autumn has arrived and the fruits of my garden are ready for harvest. The pumpkin sadly did not do so well but thankfully my mothers did not grow at all so a new pair of hunter wellies are mine!

Thé squash however I am happy about and I've already made a nice risotto which I shall post the recipe for in the next few days :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Cookies

Hey everyone! Just wanted to show you these pictures of the cookies I baked for Halloween this year.

Quality of photos are not great as my phone is a little dated but here they are anyway :)


Been so so busy recently so Im sorry there has not been much posting. Things are getting cold here and things in the garden are nearly at a stand still so i will be devoting much more time to this starting this week.

Just wanted to show you what I have been harvesting this week! Very proud and will be making some yummy things with these shrotly :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recipe Books

Hi all! Just a quick one to show you these... I've been meaning to find a good way of storing my recipes as I have so many magazine cut outs and printed sheets lying around the place.

I found this material online ages ago and couldn't think what to do with it but finally decided on a decent project. Something I can keep for myself for once as it makes me sad when I finish some fabric and have kept nothing back for myself.

So one of these is for a friend and the other myself do I will be busy at some point filling it :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Skull Beads

Been making these little skull beads this week following my obsession with Mexican Sugar Skulls. Im not entirely sure what I will do with them yet but Im thinking earrings. 

They are made with polymer clay which you bake in the oven. These pictured are yet to be baked and once they are I am going to paint them :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Felt sushi

Ive made these little felt california rolls for Evie to play with. She is still a little bit young to be using chopsticks but I think its a good way for her to be introduced to new foods and learn about how different countries use cutlery etc. Its also a great way for her to practice hand and eye coordination.

They are really simple to make as well :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Crochet Goodies

Ok, so I didn't actually make these :)
I ordered them from etsy because I think they are the cutest little things and I just really wanted to have them. Im not even sure what I am going to do with them yet but Im thinking children's headbands and dress embellishments 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer sundowners

Just wanted to share with you a couple of snaps from a dinner we hosted in the garden the other day... I love the rustic look and adored using the hay bales and tree stumps as stools and benches.

The evening actually ended up being a great deal larger than planned as the neighbors heard the music and all came up to join us :)


Pumpkin Update

This my friends is my second child!!! I love her as if she were my own... This is my champion pumpkin! 

Last year my mother and I had a competition to see who could win biggest pumpkin, I won but only because mum didn't get any... last years was a pathetic orange sized thing...
This year however I am on a roll!! Sadly out of six plants this is the only one which has fruited but non the less it has a fruit so I am doing everything in my power to make it a record breaker... (family anyway)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vervain Tea

As a very big tea drinker, nothing makes me more happy than to be able to sit down with a cuppa and think to myself that I grew all in the cup with my own two hands. 

This week I have been harvesting some of my vervain bush as it has grown massive.

vervain tea has medicinal qualities, it is supposed to help with headaches, protect your liver from toxins and improve digestion. 

Ive air dried my leaves and keep them in an airtight tea container for use throughout the year when fresh are no longer available :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Fishy BBQ

Last nights dinner was a fishy feast! Its so hot here at the moment and so going out during the daytime is really quite difficult. For that reason goig out in the evening is the only real way to enjoy the sunshine without it being too uncomfortable. 
We have been eating out in the garden every night and last night I was inspired to go for fish. The mackerel recipe I use is one of jamie olives and couldn't be more simple.

  • After preparing and cleaning the fish, pat dry with kitchen towel and rub salt into the skin and cavity.
  • Then stuff the cavity with fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Place into a grill trap and cook over coals for 3 minutes each side

The little fish above are sardines fresh from the market. There is no recipe here just put then into a grilling trap and cook until done... not long at all. My french family then eat them whole but I am a little funny about bones so I try my best to get the tiny fillets off :)

Im a fan of the evening drink and as it was a special occasion as one of my closest friends had use arrived from New Zealand to see me we prepared italian bellinis. There are many versions on how to make this drink ad having travelled so much of Italy and the world, together we decided on how we liked it best

  • Skin and mash some white peaches and mix with a little sugar
  • add this to the bottom of a glass, about 2cms
  • crush ice and fill the glass to the top
  • Then fill again with cold prosecco or champagne and garnish with mint
yum :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Recent happenings

Meet Bird Bean... I awoke the other morning with really loud cheeping in my ear so went to investigate thinking that my other half had left the door open and a bird had flown in... after half an hours search I was dumbfounded... eventually I realized the voice was coming from above me... so up a ladder i went and pulled down a light fitting and there peeking out was this little fellow... So cute... He's taking food well but he's very young so Im doubtful he will live but I will keep you informed :)

Another thing that we have been upto is collecting figs from the garden trees. We have so many this time of year that I never know what to do with them and i hate to think of them going to waste on the tree. Last year I made fig chutney and stores of that are now low so I will be making another batch of that as soon as I find time.

Baby hens have been released out into the garden now... Always a bit of a worrying time of the year as we have had little ones wondering off and not finding their way home. We live on the edge of a big forest and Im sure Mr Fox has been sniffing around even with our dog guarding 

And lastly I thought Id share with you a pic of me and Evie walking up in the mountains last weekend. We are so lucky to live on the coast and an hour from the Alpes. Best of both worlds really :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summers begun


Its starting to really hot up here in Southern France and we are definitely starting to feel the heat. Ive been spending a lot of time at garden centers and to be honest I've managed to buy much more than my garden can handle I think. So when I came home to plant out all the new herbs I had purchased I was a little worried about where to put them. 

So Ive decided to try out something I have seen somewhere, perhaps a magazine or television program. Its a herb garden on my windowsill which is meant to stop mosquitos from coming through the window. I have to say that its been going a couple of weeks now and it really does seem to be working. Ive planted, chives, basil, thyme, sage and parsley 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dorset Trip

Just wanted to share with you these few photos I took when I went to visit Dorset for a weekend.

It was the first time in my life I had seen first hand beach huts along the English coast and I fell in love. They are ridiculously expensive and considering the weather is always so bad in the UK I can't ever see myself wanting to purchase one but I still think they are really sweet and such a cute English tradition.

Bluebell Meadow

Spring Flowers

Some photos I took a couple of weeks ago in the garden as it was such a beautiful day. Once I got inside and looked through them I realized that there was a correlation between them all, they are all purple/pink. Im not a very pink person but obviously on a subconscious garden level I am...
Pink strawberry blossom
Apple tree buds

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jubilee Stamp

This little piece I made to celebrate the queens jubilee this year. Im not overly patriotic but I love how Britain pulls together for such events and feels like one united country. Living in France I felt I was missing out a little to I decided to make a little something to put on my wall so that Im in a little way involved.

Ive hand sewn it although once I was done I decided that glueing the fabric ridged would have probably worked best so that the fabric didn't tread out. i think Im going to make another one just to see if my hunch is correct but for now Im pretty happy with this and it looks lovely on my wall.

I like to look at it while Im drinking my tea in the morning :)

Crafty Family

My aunty plum (as we call her) is my mothers best friend. She is the most amazing, creative person and I thought I would spare a minute to show you what she has given me and also one of her paintings.

She's an artist by trade and a vert eccentric one at that. She experiments with all forms of creativity from papier mache to painting.

She's had many exhibitions over the years and will be having another one soon show casing her new projects which are fairies... slightly mad and drunk looking ones at that hahaha!

Also wanted to show you the mouse that my God mother knitted for Evies first Birthday. Its delicate and Evie is quite boisterous so I won't let her have it until she is older, which suites me fine because he looks great sat in my tea set cupboard :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

rape seed

These are just two shots that I wanted to share with you from my trip to England recently. Spring is one of the most beautiful times to visit the countryside as its fields are often full of these flowers and it looks amazing

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wild Strawberries

Its hotting up in the garden and theres been just enough sunshine to let these beautiful wild forest strawberries ripen in the garden. 

When we bought the house it was in fact very overgrown and not looked after. As we live in an area where there is a large risk of forest fires we were told by the local council that we needed to cut the perimeter of the land that we own. That was two years ago now and it seems that lying dormant in the ground were hundreds of wild strawberry plants as they have popped up everywhere!!! 

Evie now, every morning leaves the house in search of the sweet red fruits and knows all the secret spots in the garden!!! So funny!!! She won't share though 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Soooo, soothing else I wanted to share with you was my friend Diegos work. We met seven years ago when I was living and working in Genova Italy. I must admit I was smitten within the first few seconds but nothing ever came of it just friendship. He always joked about using me as one of his models and so one day a few years later I agreed.

Imagine a typical artists apartment studio. At the top of a very old building in a historic area down the dark streets of Genova, the room only lit by candles and glasses of wine ready. Im sat on the best and he tells me to undress. Should have been something out of a romance novel except my uncomfortable looking new boyfriend at the doorway clearly not happy about the chemistry in the room.
I didn't undress however and Diego took photos to capture the light how he wanted it. A few months later and the ink drawing was produced and to my surprise the oil canvas.

I love his work, he has such an eye for detail. it is however, a little un orthodox but there is meaning behind each piece.

Check out his website :)