Monday, July 30, 2012

Fishy BBQ

Last nights dinner was a fishy feast! Its so hot here at the moment and so going out during the daytime is really quite difficult. For that reason goig out in the evening is the only real way to enjoy the sunshine without it being too uncomfortable. 
We have been eating out in the garden every night and last night I was inspired to go for fish. The mackerel recipe I use is one of jamie olives and couldn't be more simple.

  • After preparing and cleaning the fish, pat dry with kitchen towel and rub salt into the skin and cavity.
  • Then stuff the cavity with fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Place into a grill trap and cook over coals for 3 minutes each side

The little fish above are sardines fresh from the market. There is no recipe here just put then into a grilling trap and cook until done... not long at all. My french family then eat them whole but I am a little funny about bones so I try my best to get the tiny fillets off :)

Im a fan of the evening drink and as it was a special occasion as one of my closest friends had use arrived from New Zealand to see me we prepared italian bellinis. There are many versions on how to make this drink ad having travelled so much of Italy and the world, together we decided on how we liked it best

  • Skin and mash some white peaches and mix with a little sugar
  • add this to the bottom of a glass, about 2cms
  • crush ice and fill the glass to the top
  • Then fill again with cold prosecco or champagne and garnish with mint
yum :)

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