Monday, July 16, 2012

Crafty Family

My aunty plum (as we call her) is my mothers best friend. She is the most amazing, creative person and I thought I would spare a minute to show you what she has given me and also one of her paintings.

She's an artist by trade and a vert eccentric one at that. She experiments with all forms of creativity from papier mache to painting.

She's had many exhibitions over the years and will be having another one soon show casing her new projects which are fairies... slightly mad and drunk looking ones at that hahaha!

Also wanted to show you the mouse that my God mother knitted for Evies first Birthday. Its delicate and Evie is quite boisterous so I won't let her have it until she is older, which suites me fine because he looks great sat in my tea set cupboard :)

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