Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Soooo, soothing else I wanted to share with you was my friend Diegos work. We met seven years ago when I was living and working in Genova Italy. I must admit I was smitten within the first few seconds but nothing ever came of it just friendship. He always joked about using me as one of his models and so one day a few years later I agreed.

Imagine a typical artists apartment studio. At the top of a very old building in a historic area down the dark streets of Genova, the room only lit by candles and glasses of wine ready. Im sat on the best and he tells me to undress. Should have been something out of a romance novel except my uncomfortable looking new boyfriend at the doorway clearly not happy about the chemistry in the room.
I didn't undress however and Diego took photos to capture the light how he wanted it. A few months later and the ink drawing was produced and to my surprise the oil canvas.

I love his work, he has such an eye for detail. it is however, a little un orthodox but there is meaning behind each piece.

Check out his website :)

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