Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Walk Through the Spring Garden

This is my favorite time of the year in the garden. Although we are not yet reaping the benefits of what we have sown we sure are living in splendor. The apple blossoms are in bloom and everything else seems about to follow suit with buds exploding everywhere. 

The babies are not so cute anymore sadly, all their nice soft downy is falling out making space for little feathers. As ugly as they may be they are still very sweet. they are still too small to live outside so I have them in my laundry room under a heat lamp. Not the most ideal place for them but I fear the barn house won't be safe enough as our neighbors dog roams about the place and I worry she might just fancy a little feathery snack. Evie and I have them out in a run during the day while we are gardening and the simply love scratching about in the dirt looking for bugs.

Potatoes have now broken the surface which I am happy about. I've done something different this year which I don't know will pay off or not... I chatted supermarket potatoes... I just hate the waste of buying seed potatoes as here in France they come in a crate and I simply don't have the space or the appetite for that amount so each year they go in the bin. Im trying a few varieties this season. Red ones which are my personal favorite so I hope that the books are wrong and they work out ok.

My first strawberry patch has been planted out too which is great. I have so many plans for these little beauties this year...
im wondering though whether I need to get another patch down as we are definitely going to need a good amount.

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