Monday, November 25, 2013

The Olive Harvest

 This weekend was a lovely weekend! Evie and I took a little trip into the French countryside to help my Brothers family in laws with their olive harvest. My parents had olive trees but sadly each year there would be an ussue with them and we never got to harvest them. 

Flopsie assisiting with the harvest 
 Evie wasn't overly interested in helping until the end to be honest. She is still a little young and she preferred searching for the neighbors cat more than anything. However once Flopsie (Bunny) started to help out Evie soon got the hang of things and would march around telling everyone to be careful and not to stand on any fallen olives.

All the olives that we collected will be taken to the mill on December 6th and pressed for their precious oils. I did however bring home a large bag and shall be preserving them this evening so... next blog post will be about olives too :)

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