Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cassi Update

Last year I posted about our baby goose called Cassi. I figured I would give an update about how she is and to show you how much she has grown.

The person who told us to get a goose had told us that they were clean animals, this we found to be very untrue haha! She is a complete mess! We have a pool she likes very much and spends the summer around and in it which means lots of brown mess for us to wash away every morning.
Saying that though she is lovely and so we don't really mind. As yo can see she has grown very big now and very beautiful.

Its winter which doesn't bother her at all but she hangs around by the front door hoping for snacks to be passed out to her.

One worry is that she's a little lonely as she is always where we are so I think we will be buying a new little friend for her this spring :)

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