Monday, February 6, 2012

My New Quilting Project

I noticed its been a while since Ive put up a crafty post so here it is.

Evies 14 months old now and we have very generous family ad friends let alone myself who loves to shop so we have a years worth of beautiful girlie clothes that no longer fit. Some of them are so precious that i have boxed them up in case we have a second little girl one day but that still leaves me with a good few boxes. Stained ones to the bin or made into rags, uninteresting ones to the red cross and the pretty ones Im making into a single bed sized blanket for Evie when she's older.

Heres what I have started so far. A fair way to go yet but I have a sewing machine now instead of doing it by hand so things are a lot quicker than before although I must say I prefer the look of hand sewed ones.

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  1. Hi there thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog.And im sure once you start to scrap you will make beautiful creations.I lvove all your tips on making things here too i wouldnt have the time to do any of this.Take care Kerry xx