Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Homemade Limoncello (with oranges)

This has to be the most simple liquor recipe there is. In France its illegal to brew your own alcohol so they don't sell it in shops but you can however pick it up from certain chemists although its very regulated and can prove hard to find. However, we live next to the french border of italy so we popped over for the day to get some lemon trees and pieced up a bottle.

You will need

6 think skinned lemons (not waxy)
a litre of 95 prof alcohol
1kg of white granulated sugar
1ltr water

very simply peel all the skin off the lemons trying not to get much pith. Then put into a sealed large jar. and add the alcohol. Leave for four weeks.

Then you make sugar syrup from the water and sugar and add that. Bottle and freeze.

It lasts forever and is a great thing to show off to guests with :)

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