Friday, February 3, 2012

Orange slice Decorations

I used a lot of these for christmas this year because I wanted to achieve a very organic feel. I strung them up and hung them on the christmas tree. The thing is they last for ages.

However christmas is over now and i sadly wasn't blogging during that time so instead I'm showing you these. I always like to put things in my hurricane lamps whatever the season brings. These orange slices still look beautiful and they last for months.

Really simple to do. Slice as thinly as you can or use a mandolin. Try to find seedless oranges because the pips ruin everything.
Then place in the oven on a rack on a very low heat and leave to dry out for an hour or so. Don't leave them in too long as they will go dark and the light doesn't go through them as well.

Then they are done :)

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