Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Covered books

This is one of my Cath Kidson inspired ideas. I'm a keen list maker. I organise everything by lists. I put it down to years working on superyachts where there is no room for mistakes so everything should be written down and not forgotten. I have loads of different books. One for lunch recipes, another for breakfast, crafts, cakes, gardening... They wernt interesting, plain boring books so Ive decided to make them beautiful

Cut your chosen material to two Cm's thicker than needed on three sides of the book cover
                                           Now Iron half a cm in on each of the three sides

 Glue the neat side onto the front of the cover. You only need one line of glue on the left hand side. Use strong glue.
Turn over the cover page and glue in each of the three sides pulling tightly
And then glue on a sheet of thick card or paper. Done. Easy

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