Friday, February 18, 2011

More about me...

This is a picture of my partner and I. I say partner, we have a baby together and have talked about marriage for along time so I know its coming. I'm just waiting for... the big question. Hopefully he wont keep me waiting to long as I cant wait to start planning all the little details (as if they are not all thought out already)

Fabien owns and runs a company that specializes in sound and lighting for special events, He works mostly in St Tropez and Monaco but also works alot for the Cannes Film Festival etc. Hes always very busy and so unfortunately, I only really get to see him when hes working at home in his office. I have made myself a little nest in his office where I can sit and do my crafting while he works. Otherwise Id be pretty lonely.

I used to work for some of the richest, craziest people in the world. I chief stewardess ed on super yachts for 6 years. Ive seen all sorts, Billionaire junkies, vogue orgies, royalty, Russian arms dealers, celebrities you name it. It was a good insight to 'how the other side live'. But there was one thing that I came away from all that with... the knowledge and proof that money doesn't buy you happiness. I would see some of the richest people in the word, miserable. Surrounded by a sea of people but all alone as they couldn't trust anyone. We (being the crew) actually felt sorry for them. So now I know now that I have left my work to become a mum, that money doesn't bring you happiness. At all in fact.

So stop working so hard and enjoy all the things that are free in life, the things that can make you truly happy. Love, family and food!!!!!

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