Saturday, February 19, 2011

My baby Evie-Rose

This is a picture of my little angel Evie-Rose who was born December 15th 2010.

I had always wanted to be a mummy since a very young age. Being a very creative person I have so many plans to do with children and having one of my own couldn't come soon enough. Even better, shes a girl so I get to do fun things like make her clothing and jewelery. I would love a little boy as well but I think I would have problems being far to 'involved' as he got older. "Mums so embarrassing she still makes me little cakes when my friends come round" are words that haunt my fantasies. But Alas, my firsts a girl so I get to have all the fun in the world!
I cant wait until I can host her special birthday parties and buy or make her princess dresses! Shes only 2 months old so I'm going to have to wait a while I think... hehe

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