Friday, February 18, 2011

The Garden plan for 2011

My plan this year in the garden is, well, a muddle to be honest. Last year I was still working away alot and attempted a veg patch. But with the heat of the sun in the South of France and with Fabien always away the poor patch got frazzled a fair amount and my harvest was very poor indeed.
Now I am here full time this shall not happen again. I have been outside digging up flower beds, raking the leaves. I even had to use a very large jackhammer to get rid of an evil concrete slab I found in an area I wanted to plant in.
Now that I have a baby I really want her to eat well and with all the talk about pesticides and chemicals being used I have decided to grow everything for her organically. No nestle bought supermarket food tubs for her. If my plan fails I do have a splendid green grocer down the road who's prices make it look ridiculous to grow your own. I don't even know how the manage to keep their prices so low.
So I'm off to dig out mu old gardening book and plan out whats going into the ground this year.

Wish me luck...

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