Thursday, February 17, 2011


Right, well this is a first. Im always hunting down blogs online to enrich my mind but writing myself is a first. I seem to be the last person in the world to have one.

I think that my 'about me' area pretty much sums things up but again, my plan for this blog is to document all my little things that I do. My partner is a very hardworking serious man and me... well, Im a little eccentric. He comes home from his busy day in Monaco after having argued and faught to get things done the way he wants in his company to find me, spread out on the bed surrounded by bits of cloth and beads making some kind of animal puppet creature to send to my aunt for her birthday. Yes, we are completly different but isnt what they say 'opposites attract'. In our case it is completly true. But when he sees me doing all my mad things he always comes to tell me how much he loves me for it. I lift him and he grounds me. Perfect.

Ok so I had better go and make something otherwise this blog is going to be pretty uneventful.

Ciao for now Bloggers

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