Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homemade Stinging Nettle beer

Right, I'm jumping on the band wagon. Everyone seems to have gone brew crazy in the UK and I myself am partial to a drink or two when it takes my fancy. I have tried making my own wine and so I thought 'why not russle up a quick batch of beer'. We are doing alot of work on our property so there is no shortage of victims I can experiment on with what I make.

Here's the recipe I have tried out.

1.5 kilograms nettle heads
800g of sugar
8 litres of water
2 lemons, Juice and rind (no pith)
half a tsp of powdered ginger
5g brewers yeast

  • Wash the nettle heads and then bring to the boil in 4 litres of the water.
  • Strain the mix and squeeze out the water from the nettles which will no not sting keeping all water and throwing away nettles or... give to hens if you have any. Waste not want not.
  • into the water goes the sugar and mix until its dissolved.
  • Add the rest of the water and then in goes the yeast and lemon
  • Leave for four days
Now you need to find bottles. I have used the spring attached ones like for grolch beer which are easy to find at the supermarket. Sterilize them before filling.

  • After the four days are up, strain the mix (which should smell quite potent) through a cheesecloth (or clean tea towel) and pour into bottles. I have read that putting half a teaspoon at the bottom of the bottles will make the beer extra fizzy although I have also read that there is no point.
  • Leave now for three weeks...
Right, well I don't need to wait long as my three weeks are nearly up so watch this space for the result...

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