Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Monday

My dads been over visiting this last weekend. He is a yacht captain and so came from Montenegro where he is based to visit the yacht show and us. The last few days have been spent cooking and dropping subtle hints about DIY projects around the house. Ive had shelves put up in Evies bedroom and the living room so far and we still have another day tomorrow :)

Been baking a lot also, trying to get rid of some of the mountain of chocolate that we still have left after easter. Cookies, cakes the lot.

Weather has been awful so no need to go out and water the garden although it has set me back a little with the planting out of all the seedlings I have taking space on every windowsill in the living room.

Also thought Id include a photo of the most amazing chocolate shop window we walked past the other day in Cannes. I would love to be able to make these, they look too good to eat

Did manage a lovely lunch on the beach. A friend of ours had a quaint beach wedding from which Ive included a couple of photos of :)

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