Monday, April 9, 2012

Preserved Lemons

We have plenty of citrus trees here on the property, most of the time we have more oranges than we know what to do with. One nice thing about living here is that when we invite people for dinner, they come with gifts. A friend came over last week with a whole basket of lemons from his garden!! I use a lot of lemons in cooking and drink a lot with tea but a whole basket... I think using them all is out of the question.
So I searched out some preserving recipes.

Preserved Lemons

Sterilized jars
Sea salt
Boiled water that has cooled

Cut the lemons top to bottom but not going all the way through, then again into quarts. Stuff lots of the salt into the opening you have created and then place into your jar. Try to fit as many as you can into the jar, add the peppercorns and cloves and then fill to the top with the cooled boiled water and seal.

You will need to wait a month before using them. Try in Moroccan dishes, they use lots of preserved lemons in their cooking and they add a really refreshing twang to any meal :)

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